Durant: From now on, I speak my mind

A frustrated Kevin Durant says he will say exactly how he feels from now on, after accusing the media of twisting his words.

Durant finds himself under a bright spotlight as the new NBA season prepares to get under way, having completed a high-profile transfer to the already star-studded Golden State Warriors, and the pressure might be getting to him a little.

“Man, whatever I say is going to be twisted up,” Durant told CSN Bay Area on Tuesday. “So I can’t . . . I’m just going to say how I feel from now on.

“People that know me know what I mean, so it is what it is. Anything I say will be twisted up and be a headline. So it is what it is.”

The implication here is that, in the past, he has chosen to hide some of his true feelings, and that he will no longer do that.

Speculation continues to surround his move from OKC Thunder to the Warriors, with some pundits suggesting on-court friction with Russell Westbrook was behind it.

Durant has denied this claim in the past, but perhaps there is more to reveal?