McGrady ‘highly disappointed’ about Durant move

In case you hadn’t noticed, retired NBA stars aren’t that impressed with what’s going on in the league these days. Many of them went out of their way to throw shade at the historically great Golden State Warriors last season, and Tracy McGrady specifically took a shot at Stephen Curry’s unanimous MVP award by saying the league is “watered down.”

Now that Kevin Durant has changed the landscape of the NBA by choosing to sign with the Warriors in free agency, McGrady is back to weigh in on that monumental decision. And not surprisingly, T-Mac isn’t a fan of stars teaming up with one another in an attempt to achieve league dominance.

“I was disappointed in the move to Golden State,” McGrady told Complex. “I wasn’t disappointed that he left, I mean he’s a free agent, he’s able to go wherever he wants. But I just think having a team now coming off a championship run and you have the champs down 3-1, and they come back and defeat you. I just think as a competitor, you would come back and try to dethrone them with the same team.

“You’re playing with a top-five point guard in Russell Westbrook. I mean to me, I think OKC is a championship-caliber team. They displayed that; they just had a major collapse in the Western Conference Finals against Golden State. But I was highly disappointed that he chose Golden State to go and play for the other team. I wanted him to stay in OKC.”

It’s worth noting that McGrady never got past the first round of the playoffs at any point during his 15-year career, so he may regret the fact that he never made a similar decision himself. But whether that’s the case or it isn’t, old guys complaining about the way players from a younger generation successfully handle their business is always going to come across as nothing more than sour grapes.