Dwyane Wade explains move to Chicago, declares: ‘This is Jimmy Butler’s team’

Dwyane Wade was officially introduced by the Bulls to the media and the city of Chicago on Friday afternoon.

After 13 seasons as a member of the Miami Heat, Wade opened up about his feelings regarding his new surroundings and teammates — immediately declaring the 2016-17 Chicago Bulls “Jimmy Butler’s Team.”

Later, Wade wasn’t afraid to elaborate on his decision to leave the city in which he was worshiped as a hero in — explaining how it was “his decision to leave, his decision to be selfish.”

In addition, he detailed what really went down between him, Pat Riley, and Mickey Arison during the free agency process:

Also, before Wade was done, he had some words for his son — who “loves Steph Curry.”

The Dwayne Wade era in Chicago is off and running.