Kentucky Wildcats got the best alumni group in NBA, Brandon Knight tells The GOAT

Another class of promising players from the collegiate ranks led by LSU’s Ben Simmons have invaded the NBA this offseason but Phoenix Suns starting guard Brandon Knight is confident that University of Kentucky still boasts of, arguably, the best alumni group in the league.

Knight, who is in town for the NBA Fit Tour, pointed out that his alma mater, a consistent college powerhouse in the US NCAA, can easily dominate other alumni groups with their current 19 active players across the world’s premier basketball league.

“I would definitely put us in the top two alumni groups, I don’t know who will be second, but we gotta be top two,” said Knight in an exclusive interview with The GOAT host Nikko Ramos for FOX Sports Philippines.

Aside from Knight, other notable Wildcats products include Suns teammate Eric Bledsoe and Devin Booker, Chicago Bulls new starting playmaker Rajon Rondo, and first picks John Wall, Anthony Davis, and Karl Anthony Towns, among others.

Asked if what schools will be their rival, the 24-year old Florida native mentioned Kansas, Duke and University of North Carolina.

“They got some good guys too,” said Knight.

“But I don’t think they can beat Kentucky right now, I don’t think it’s close,” he quickly added.

Catch Ramos’ full one-on-one interview with Knight, as they also talked about offseason preparations, NBA-ready rookies, and Filipino’s love of basketball, exclusively on FOX Sports. – By Jason Mercene

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