Watch out, it’s a flying Lebron James

There’s always an element of risk involved to being courtside at an NBA game, as a couple of Cleveland Cavaliers fans found out recently.

Standing tall at 6ft 8in (or 203 cm) and weighing a hefty 238lbs (or 108kg), Lebron James isn’t exactly the kind of person you want to see barreling towards you at great speed.

But the Cavs frontman had no choice but to go flying into the crowd after receiving a push from Jeff Teague of the Atlanta Hawks.

With only a minute left of the game and the Hawks staring down the barrel of a massive 121-108 defeat, Teague’s frustration boiled over, and it very nearly spelled disaster for a few unfortunate spectators:

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.

Teague received a Flagrant 1 for the shove.

The Cavs now lead the seven-game play-off series against the Hawks 3-0, and will have a chance to complete the sweep on Sunday.