Losing more painful than injury for Jimmy Alapag: That hurts 10 times more

Playing for the big moments all his professional career, veteran guard Jimmy Alapag found himself at the bench and could not help the Meralco Bolts in their do-or-die match Wednesday as he caught an unfortunate accident early in Game 5.

According to Alapag himself, he will go straight to Cardinal Santos Medical to get his broken left hand checked after losing a heartbreaking 76-70 decision in Game 5 of their semifinals tiff against Alaska.

Starting for the Bolts, the team captain was forced to sit out almost the entire game after colliding with Alaska’s Sonny Thoss in a pick-and-roll play in the 1st quarter.

“I closed out on RJ and I think Sonny was in the area to set a screen, and I didn’t even really see it because when my hand got caught, I just felt my hand and my wrist kind of moved in an awkward position,” narrated Alapag, who did not have a chance to create a shot in their crucial game.

“The funny part was, the next play, I got the rebound and kind of threw a one-hand pass to Arinze, but I could already feel something was wrong,” he added, admitting he could not properly hold the leather after the accident.

The 38-year old playmaker had no points to show with a single rebound and 3 assists in 5 minutes of play as he felt remorse with how things turned out for his squad.

“A little bit but it’s more painful that I couldn’t get out there with the guys. that’s why I’m here – to be in games like that, and to not be out there with the guys, that hurts ten times more than my hand,” said the skipper.

Dubbed as the ‘Mighty Mouse’ for his gutsy treys in the clutch whichever team he is playing, Alapag assures he will be back soon to lead a promising future for Meralco.

“I’ve made my career off of playing games like that and to be relegated to the side is really tough. But (after) you fall of the horse, you get back up and I got to get my hand better and get ready for the next conference,” he said.

“Even falling short, sometimes you got to experience this before your get over the hump. I just feel terrible that I couldn’t be out there with the guys.” – By Jason Mercene 

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