Curry optimistic of early return

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry is confident that he will return from his knee injury earlier than expected.

Curry was diagnosed with a sprained MCL after he slipped on a wet spot and banged his knee on the floor during Game 4 against the Houston Rockets last Sunday.

The 28-year-old will be re-evaluated again on May 9, but he admitted that he still has “a little ways to go” before he is fully fit.

“It was just kind of an unlucky break,” Curry told reporters. “I’ve watched it, and I just feel really blessed to have gotten out of that situation with only an MCL sprain. That could have been 10 times worse.

“That’s the biggest takeaway I got from watching the tape. I had some angels protecting me and keeping me light on my feet, so I didn’t put all that jerk and pressure on my knee, and then something catastrophic happens.

“That’s why I’ve been really optimistic and kind of joyful about the situation, knowing I’ll be back on the floor with my teammates soon.”

Despite Curry’s absence, the Warriors defeated the Rockets 4-1 and booked their spot in the Western Conference semi-finals, where they will either play the Los Angeles Clippers or Portland Trail Blazers.