Curry injures knee

Stephen Curry will undergo an MRI scan on Monday after he sprained his knee during the Golden State Warriors’ 121-94 Game 4 win over the Houston Rockets on Sunday.

Curry had just made his comeback from an ankle injury, but only lasted the first half as he slipped and banged his knee while guarding Rockets forward Trevor Ariza prior to the first half buzzer.

After slipping, Curry immediately clutched his knee and limped off to the locker room. The 28-year-old returned to the court before the start of the third quarter and tested out his knee before shaking his head and sitting on the bench. He then went back to the locker room a short while later.

Warriors forward Draymond Green admitted that he is concerned about Curry’s injury, but called on his side to step up should the reigning MVP be sidelined for a lengthy period of time.

“He was standing there crying, you know, and like, ‘Dog, just get out of here, we’ll hold you down.’ We gotta support him, you know, and be there for him,” Green told ESPN.

“I mean, he came out and obviously gave it a go, wasn’t 100 per cent, and he gave it a go, and it’s unfortunate that that happened.

“But at the end of the day, one thing we’ve always talked about is our depth, and we’ve gotta use that to win games, and so we used that tonight.

“If Steph Curry’s out, I’d probably write us off, too. That’s human nature [because] the guy’s the MVP of the league. But, we’ve got a team full of competitors.

“We’re not gonna bow down or lay down against anyone. We’re gonna continue to play our game, continue to try to win basketball games no matter who’s out there.”

Meanwhile, head coach Steve Kerr refused to make any assumptions until he receives the results of Curry’s MRI scan.

“His conditioning was better than I expected,” Kerr said. “And then he slips on the wet spot, unfortunately, and back to square one. We’ll see what happens with the MRI tomorrow.”