PBA star Jayson Castro talks about playing volleyball, Maja Salvador and more

Blazing fast on the court, Tropang TNT guard Jayson Castro took his time connecting with fans on Friday afternoon.

“The Blur” had a good time chatting with PBA followers via the #tweetsmisan online segment of the PBA Press Corps, which gives fans the chance to talk to their idols not just about basketball, but everything.

And talk Castro did.

It looks like the best point guard in Asia is gearing up for his match-up against the San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker who will be suiting up for his home country France in the upcoming FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament this July in Manila.

And believe it or not, he’s not convinced he’s the best in Asia. He’s not only fast, he’s humble too. Castro goes as far as saying that there’s no rivalry between PBA point guards because they are all elites.

But is Castro too humble? He thinks he isn’t even that fast to deserve being called “The Blur.”

That nickname, however, suits him. It would have also suited him if he decided to continue track or volleyball. Maybe Usain Bolt’s records would have even been in danger if “The Blur” decided to push through with his track career.

Everyone should be thankful, however, that Castro did shift to basketball. And speaking of his jersey number, there’s a story and a goal behind his.

All of us had childhood basketball heroes, and just like any other kid in 90s, Castro also had his. Asked to choose between Crispa and Toyota, he appeared to have a hard time choosing.

At the present, however, Castro is an integral part of Tropang TNT and Gilas. He revealed to fans his closest friends on both teams.

A man who has a great career and meaningful friendships, what more could Castro ask for? These, he reveals:

And maybe even a date with his celebrity crush?

Unfortunately, fans who want to be updated about Jayson Castro via social media would be sad to hear that he doesn’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts. He does, however, have an Instagram account. Follow him at @jay_will17.

— By John Bryan Ulanday