The curious case of Lebron James

Conor McGregor tells hockey player to ‘put him through the net!’

Just what exactly is going on with Lebron James these days?

The superstar’s erratic behaviour has got everyone speculating about his current state of mind.

It all started with James quietly deciding to unfollow his own team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, on Twitter – not exactly the most ringing endorsement of your team-mates and coaching staff.

James must have known his decision would draw major attention, and yet he was recorded making fun of the media’s scrutiny afterwards, jokingly suggesting they would read something in to the fact that he was eating a banana:

“Why are you eating a banana, LeBron?” James asks the cameraman sarcastically. “Are you gonna slip on a banana peel out of Cleveland?”

The media can hardly be blamed for being curious when a star player unfollows his own team and refuses to say why he did so, however.

Not long after, quotes surfaced of James saying he would like to play with Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul in ‘someplace warm’.

Keep in mind, all this is happening right as the current NBA season approaches its business end.

Unsurprisingly, things haven’t been going too well for the Cavs on the court. After a big loss to the Miami Heat last weekend, they picked up a couple of wins, but then suffered a nine-point loss to the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday.

Lebron contributed 30 points and had a good night on a personal level, but his frustration was clearly evident during the game:

After the game, James said the Cavs need to understand how important the ‘process’ is, but at this point in time, his team-mates can probably be forgiven for being a bit unclear as to what exactly his ‘process’ is.