President Obama: Curry the best shooter ever

Stephen Curry is used to getting compliments, but United States President Barack Obama took it to a whole new level when he labeled the Golden State Warriors point guard as “the greatest shooter that I’ve ever seen”.

Curry has wooed fans and broken numerous records during the Warriors’ highly successful 2015/16 campaign and his accomplishments have not gone unnoticed by the busiest and most important man in the United States.

Curry has been sinking three-pointers from ridiculous distances and President Obama admitted that he loves watching the 28-year-old play as much as when Michael Jordan was taking the NBA by storm. And coming from a Chicago Bulls fan, that’s about as big a compliment as they come!

“Steph Curry is the greatest shooter that I’ve ever seen,” President Obama told Time Magazine moderator Misty Copeland. “You knew I had an opinion on this. And, and I am having more fun watching him than anybody since Michael Jordan.”

However, while President Obama is a huge fan of Curry, he made it clear that Jordan is still the greatest player to ever play in the NBA. “He’s not – even Steph wouldn’t necessarily say he’s better than Jordan,” he said. “But he’s – the fact that he’s about my size and he’s doing what he’s doing.”

President Obama added that he is highly impressed with the fact that Curry is constantly looking to develop his game even though he is arguably the most dominant player in the NBA right now.

“It is, that’s a great point,” he said. “It’s rare where you get somebody who’s already at the pinnacle and then they take it another notch higher. And he’s a wonderful young man. He’s a lot of fun.”

As Obama’s comments come on Curry’s birthday, we imagine the Golden State ace will be even happier…