Carroll: Call could’ve gone either way

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll says he had never witnessed a situation like the one that played out at the end of Monday night's 13-10 victory over the Detroit Lions. 

Following Calvin Johnson's fumble on the Seahawks one-yard line, K.J Wright batted the ball out of the end zone, and the NFL confirmed shortly after it should have been a penalty against Seattle.  

"I've been coaching a long time and playing for years, and I've never seen that happen before," said Carroll. 

The Seahawks head coach also admitted that he himself didn't know the rule and would have done exactly the same thing as his linebacker Wright. 

"That was a smart play," Carroll conceded.

"He wasn't aware of the rule. I would have done the exact same thing. I didn't know that rule either. I've never even seen it come up, and I've been coaching for I don't even know how many years it is and how many games it could possibly be. I don't know if anyone would have known that. If somebody did, they did."

Carroll also says that the call could have gone in favour of the visitors but believed the ball would have gone out of the end zone whether it was touched or not.

"When you slow it down, yeah, it could have gone the other way," he said. 

"But look at it in normal speed and how the play actually happened. Anybody sitting on their couch at home can say, ‘Well, I would have done it.' It happened so gracefully. He did just a little tap on the ball, and it's over in the direction it was going. It was going out anyway. So you can see why the guy maybe didn't see the thing."