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  • Pogba was ‘dancing on the grave’ of Mourinho – Neville

    Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville took aim at Paul Pogba for a social media post published just after Jose Mourinho’s sacking. Paul Pogba has been accused of “dancing on the grave” of Jose Mourinho by former Manchester United defender Gary Neville after an ill-timed social media post following the manager’s sacking on Tuesday.
  • Amidst Manchester United rumours Mauricio Pochettino still to give best to Tottenham Hotspur

    Despite continued links with Manchester United, Mauricio Pochettino reiterates he is with Tottenham Hotspur and suggests he is happy. Constant rumours link the Tottenham boss for a potential move to Old Trafford, given his success with his current club and the potential he brings when he gets to manage a big club like United.
  • Manchester United manager: The hardest job in world football?

    Following the departure of Jose Mourinho from Manchester United, FOX Sports ASIA takes a look at whether the Old Trafford job is indeed the toughest there is in football right now. The writing was on the wall for Mourinho. Defiant as ever in his final press conference, the Portugese’s mood did not betray an iota of the pressure he was under. “The players they gave everything, and when the players they give everything I am never upset or frustrated towards them, I have a good feeling towards them.”, he said – hardly suggestive of a man close to the sack. Indeed, while there have been power struggles with some players, this seemed a far cry from the ‘palpable discord’ that had festered in his final season at Chelsea.