Two straight flying bats narrowly miss clobbering Baez in on-deck circle

The Chicago Cubs haven’t exactly found their expected stride yet after last season’s historic World Series win, standing at 21-19 and third place in the NL Central. To their list of struggles, we can now add flying bat attacks of their star second baseman.

Stay alert, guys. It’s dangerous out there.

Javier Baez was just minding his own business in the on-deck circle in the seventh inning of the Cubs’ win Thursday over the Cincinatti Reds when batter, teammate and former friend-who-wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly Addison Russell lost the grip on his bat on consecutive pitches, sending Baez scrambling for cover.

The second of the two sent Baez theatrically hurtling to the ground. It’s a good thing Russell’s aim was off.

Baez, famous for his repeated defensive brilliance, had a better moment earlier in the game, launching a first-inning grand slam that fueled the Cubs’ 9-5 win.

Coincidentally, Cubs manager Joe Maddon had just commente, albeit sarcastically, the other day about this very issue in the middle of a fun rant about potential new safety rules.

“There should be a cage in the on-deck circle so on-deck guys can stand behind the screen and not get hurt,” Maddon said.

Not a bad idea, as it turns out. We’re glad you’re OK, Javy. The Cubs went on to win the game 9-5.

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Detroit Tigers 6-5 Baltimore Orioles
Minnesota Twins 1-5 Colorado Rockies
Texas Rangers 8-4 Philadelphia Phillies
Chicago Cubs 9-5 Cincinnati Reds
San Diego Padres 2-4 Milwaukee Brewers
Minnesota Twins 2-0 Colorado Rockies
Atlanta Braves 0-9 Toronto Blue Jays
Kansas City Royals 5-1 New York Yankees
Oakland Athletics ?-? Boston Red Sox
Los Angeles Dodgers ?-? Miami Marlins
Seattle Mariners ?-? Chicago White Sox