Injured Smith not expecting lengthy absence

Seattle Mariners’ Seth Smith has confirmed he will be out of action for a few days but insists his injury is “no big deal”.

Smith took part in a split squad game as part of Seattle’s preparations for the upcoming season on Tuesday and afterwards complained of some tightness in his groin.

However, he has allayed fears that he is in danger of enduring a lengthy enforced absence.

“I was fielding a ball in the outfield,” he told the Seattle Times. “It just kind of tightened up a little bit and it got a little tighter as the game went on.”

Despite the injury, which occurred early in the game, Smith was still able to full participate, running down a fly ball in the gap and legging out a triple that skipped past a diving left fielder.

“I was able to do those things afterward,” he added. “So it’s just tight, no big deal. It just takes a few days of rest and I’m fine.”

Mariners’ manager Scott Servais was also keen to assert that he has no real concerns over Smith’s injury, claiming that it’s just a time in the year when players must deal with niggling injuries.

“We’ll give him some time off,” he said. “I guess it’s something, a groin issue, that he had last spring as well and felt fine after 2-3 days. So we’ll just take it easy on him.

“We’ve got a few guys right now. It’s to that point in spring training where they’re trying to go back-to-back days and playing a little deeper into games, they’re playing 7-8 innings and getting four at-bats.

“They all want the at-bats, there’s no question about that. But getting their legs underneath them, we’ve got a few guys that are a little sore.”