Steinbrenner: Yankees are not for sale

Hal Steinbrenner remains adamant that the New York Yankees are not for sale and admitted that the ballclub could remain in the family for generations to come.

The Yankees general manager was speaking after a Forbes rich list was released claiming that his team was now worth $3.2 billion dollars nearly 400 times of that in which his father George Steinbrenner purchased the franchise for in 1973.

“This is a family business and we’re all involved,” said the 46-year-old.

“We all love being a part of this. We all know our dad wanted us to be a part of it, and we all know he’s watching down on us and happy that we’re all a part of it. Believe it or not, to us, that’s a big deal. The idea is, let’s keep it going.

“We got a lot of grandkids, and they’re very interested. The idea is, it’s time to let the young elephants in the tent, in George’s (his father) words. So it’s begun.”

Hal, though, admits that he doesn’t really pay attention to the Yankees valuation with New York now tied second with the Dallas Cowboys only behind La Liga team Real Madrid in world sport.
“I’ve never talked to anybody at Forbes to try to figure out how they do that,” Steinbrenner said.

“Whatever the number ends up being, it ends up being. If it’s a billion dollars, it’s a billion dollars. If it’s half a billion, it’s half a billion. Whatever it is, it’s all money that we don’t really need.

“It’s our way of keeping our dad’s legacy alive. People that know us know we didn’t have the biggest house on the street. My dad loved Oldsmobiles. We had a Buick station wagon. We don’t have yachts. We don’t have huge estates. We don’t have the lifestyle that would even necessitate us to even think about doing something like that.”