Capps set to see specialist over arm injury

Miami Marlins reliever Carter Capps has confirmed he is due to see a specialist regarding an arm injury.

The 25-year-old will travel to Pensacola on Monday to visit renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews, the same doctor he saw with a similar complaint in 2014.

He is, however, hoping for a similar outcome which would see him once again avoid surgery.

“He strongly advised against surgery then, so you never know what they’re going to say,” Capps told the Miami Herald. “I’m just kind of in the wait-and-see stage still.”

“Obviously, you never want to go have surgery. But peace of mind would be nice. We’ll figure out something definite.

“On the mound, stuff comes out really good. It’s just really painful right at the end [of the delivery] right now.

“It just kind of crept up, like tightness, and then it started progressing something more. I never felt it pop or anything.”

One worry Capps admits to having is that the injury is a recurrence of the previous complaint, which may lead to more serious conclusions.

However, he is confident he is in the right hands with Dr. Andrews: “They looked at the MRI and said there’s some stuff there.

“But is it old? Is it new? You never know. So we’re just going to get [Andrews’] opinion, because he did read mine a couple of years go, and see what he thinks. He’s seen thousands of these, so he knows best.”