Gallardo’s contract reportedly on hold

Yovani Gallardo’s contract with the Baltimore Orioles could be in jeopardy as there are reportedly concerns about his shoulder,  following a medical examination on Tuesday.

The starting pitcher, who played for the Texas Rangers last season, agreed to sign a three-year, $35 million deal on Saturday, pending a physical exam. 

The exam was expected to be a formality, but the Baltimore Sun have reported that a problem was found with the 29-year-old’s shoulder.

Gallardo does not have a history of shoulder trouble, but the Orioles will be taking a cautious approach to signing a player who will cost them 14th overall pick in the 2016 MLB draft.

The Mexican, who had a strikeout rate of 5.91 per nine innings last season, has pitched at least 180 innings in the last seven seasons.

The Orioles have terminated a number of deals in the past due to issues with physicals, and owner Peter Angelos will not rush into making a decision on Gallardo.