Japan boss backs Malaysia appointment

The Dane will take over in March, when he meets with Malaysia's coaches at the Malaysian Open Grand Prix Gold Tournament.

Joo-bong said: "Except for a good showing at the Thomas Cup Finals, Malaysia's performances were not that good last year.

"Then, there is the Chong Wei doping issue… we do not know his future yet as it depends on his hearing with the world body.

"I know Morten. I believe he can help Malaysia become one of the strong contenders in world badminton again. He is good in planning."

Joo-bong knows what he is talking about, as he worked with Frost Hansen as part of the Malaysian set up in 1999.

He added: "Morten was the national coaching director when I joined as the doubles head coach in 1999.

"From my experience, it is important for all those involved to know and understand their roles clearly… so that no one will feel lost within the set-up."