Chong Wei: I’ll retire if ban is 2 years

Chong Wei is currently serving a temporary suspension pending a hearing to decide how long he will be suspended for after he tested positive for a banned substance.

The 32-year-old former world number one tested positive for dexamethasone after the World Championships in Copenhagen in August 2014.

The Malaysian said: "If in the end I am suspended for two years, then I will not pursue my badminton career afterwards.

"But if my appeal is successful, I will return to competition, so I hope my fans will keep waiting for me.

"Throughout the ordeal a lot of my fans from around the world supported me and hoped that I would compete again."

Chong Wei added: "I went to a private hospital. No government doctors came with me. Only my wife was there when I received the treatment. I was given three shots. First I received a stem cell treatment to help me heal faster so I could compete. I only found about this substance after I tested positive for it. So now I have to face the consequences.

"I just hope the Badminton World Federation will consider that it is the first urine test I didn't pass."