BAI snubs Garg request

The odd thing is that last month, BAI sent the entries of 49-year-old Apinder Sabharwal and 46-year-old Manmohan Sharma along with Abhishek Sharma for the Iceland International Series despite the three not having a national ranking. 

The 20-year-old Garg has already played one senior international and a couple of junior international events for Bahrain, before moving to India and registering with BAI in September last year. 

"When I completed the registration formalities, I was told by BAI officials that I cannot send an entry for international events till I reach a certain national ranking as they are answerable to the Sports Ministry. 

"But when I came to know about the Iceland International entries, I sent my entry for the Vietnam International through a proper channel but it was rejected," Garg told The Mumbai Mirror

The reply from BAI to Garbs requaest was short and sweet, "This is to inform you that we cannot process Nikhar's entry because his name is not present in the ranking list." 

BAI's rules clearly state that a player seeking entry in international tournaments, even at his own cost, should have a national ranking. 

Garg told Mirror that he sent a letter to BAI looking for an explanation for refusing him entry to the Vietnam event when Sharma and Sabharwal's names were forwarded for Iceland International but so far has not received a response.