World Championship preparation continues unabated

The preparations for this year's World Badminton Championships are on well on their way, after representatives from the Badminton World Federation (BWF) visited Jakarta on Wednesday.

This year's event takes place from August 10 to 16 and will take place at Gelora Karno Istora in the south of Jakarta.

"This is our first site visit in terms of production meetings for the World Championships which is in Jakarta this August," BWF event director Darren Parks noted.

"We will also have a couple of follow-up meetings. There's a lot of work we need to do for the World Championships behind the scenes. We're very lucky that PBSI and the organising committee are very experienced in organising such events. We're running the best tournament of the year.

"The main challenge to be organised here is you've got quite old facilities. It's one of the most iconic badminton venues, very famous for its great atmosphere and excitement generated here. But it gives organisers a lot of challenges because the infrastructures are quite old.  They have to work quite hard to make it nice. They're very experienced in doing that. So that's what makes us confident that it is going to be great."

According to PBSI's head of international relations, Bambang Roedyanto, the event organisers are hard at work to prepare for the tournament.

"Maybe we have a lot of experience in staging huge events like the Indonesia Open Superseries, but the World Championships requires more," Bambang admitted.

"For example, we need more rooms for the BWF delegates and sponsors during the championship. In the Superseries, there is only one TV on court. But the BWF demands to TV courts from the very first day. It's a huge challenge for us to manage the small space we have at Istora. We are now working on the layout."

Even though the previous time the event was held there was as far back as 1989, Bambang is confident that the organisers and PBSI are ready for the challenge.

"We last held the World Championships a long time ago, so we should really work hard to succeed at this event."