Sidek severs ties with BAM

Sidek's decision to step down comes after national women's doubles coach Rosman Razak announced his decision to leave his post. Sidek refused to accept a new contract given to him by the BAM as he says he finds their Key Performance Index (KPI) too demanding. 

"BAM wants my players to meet the KPI by qualifying for all the quarterfinals in the tournaments they compete," he told the Malay Mail. "The demands are too much and I’ve decided not to continue (with BAM). 

Despite BAM recently handing out new two-year contract extensions to all their coaches instead of employing them on a monthly basis, Sidek insisted that he has made up his mind. 

"It's true the new contract will see our salaries raised but there are other things to be considered. The environment in BAM is unhealthy and the pressure gets to us coaches," he said.

During his 13 years with BAM, Sidek has been involved in numerous controversies, including in 2013 when he tendered his resignation before being convinced to return just 10 days later by then newly-elected Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin. 

Sidek's future plans are unclear, but he is sure of one thing: he's finished with BAM.

"I can't adhere to these conditions," he explained. "My last day will be [Tuesday] at the Malaysian Open, and I'll reassess my options after this.