Li: Sudirman Cup a youngster’s paradise

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Li feels that the Sudirman Cup allows youngsters to get the opportunity to face some of the top players in the world and learn from their experiences. 

Along with China, Japan, Indonesia and Denmark included a number of youngsters in their squads, which was a very encouraging sign for Li. 

"Ultimately I believe the Sudirman Cup is about giving youngsters a chance and preparing for the future," Yongbo told The Star. "It's also a good opportunity to gauge the standards of our opponents. There is a lot of development in world badminton and a lot of changes can happen."

In their successful Sudirman Cup campaign, China fielded a well-rounded squad of veterans and youngsters such as 20-year-old women's double player Tang Yuanting. 

Tang was one of the youngsters who shone throughout the Sudirman Cup as she triumphed in every women's double match she was involved in during the tournament. 

"Yuanting is a very versatile player," Li said. "She can play with anyone in the China team. I believe her first Sudirman Cup experience has taught her a lot. It’s not going to surprise me if she becomes an Olympic champion one day."