Frost sets target for Wei Feng

In order to accomplish this, Wei Feng, who is currently ranked 32nd, will have to reach the top 16 in the world rankings. 

"Wei Feng is ready to move forward and he is happy with the tournament programmes that we gave him. We have discussed and agreed with it," Frost told reporters at the BAM office in Bukit Kiara on Monday. 

With Wei Feng having a lot of work to do to break into the top 16, Frost confirmed that he told the 27-year-old to participate in 14 tournaments this year so that his chances of qualifying for the 2016 Olympics become more realistic. 

" I would say, my estimate is 14 tournaments this year," Frost said. "There will be more new tournament programmes running from Jan 1 until May 1, 2016 when the qualification ends."