Padukone: Players must not chase rankings

Speaking at the launch of the 7th edition of the Tata Open India International Challenge at the Cricket Club of India (CCI) on Tuesday, Padukone felt that there is an over emphasis on rankings by Indian players.

"I think there is an over-emphasis on rankings. I would tell the players to concentrate more on performances instead. 

"If you play well in whatever tournaments you take part in, it will automatically reflect in your rankings, but for that you must have confidence in your ability. 

"When you aren't confident about yourself, you want to play in as many tournaments as you can. You shouldn't be scared about losing points," Padukone added.

The five-day Indian Open begins today (Wednesday). 

Padukone feels that top Indian players must have the confidence to play in select tournaments in order to give of their best, rather than play every fortnight in pursuit of points. 

"I feel they are playing too many tournaments. They go and play everywhere, even when they aren't fit, just to maintain their ranking. I don't agree with this approach. 

"It's better to select the best of events, and try and do well in them, rather than look to win everything, which is impossible. 

"You lose consistency, because you aren't planning properly, and just playing in one tournament after the other. If you play selectively, it will help you to avoid injuries and stay fresh," he said.