Vittinghus: Best is yet to come

Dubai World Superseries finalist Hans-Kristian Vittinghus believes his best badminton is yet to come. 

The Dane believes he his rise through the rankings in the past year is a sign that all the hard work he has been doing has paid off.

Vittinghus was speaking after he was defeated in the final by Chinese number one Chen Long.

He said: "My group was very tough. It couldn't have been worse,. I'm very proud of myself, and a bit emotional as well. It feels surreal."

At 28, the Dane is edging towards the end of his badminton playing days; however, he feels the biggest wins of his career are still ahead of him.

He added: "My ambition is to win the big titles; I always dreamed of All England and Olympics and I know I'm still not at that level but I have the potential to be there at some point. I've been progressing steadily, and even though I turn 29 next month, I still feel I'm getting better and better. So I've not stopped chasing that dream. I'm very happy with my progress; I've been good at working at long term goals, but of course I would've like to progress better early in my career.

"I'm okay with the way my career has developed and I have a lot of areas to work on. I can be a better player. We haven't seen the best of me."