Superbowl LII: Why The Pats or the Eagles Will Win

 Voltaire Lozada Voltaire Lozada

Superbowl LII is just a few hours away, with the New England Patriots set to take on the Philadelphia Eagles in a battle of the top seeds of the AFC and the NFC.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick of the Patriots are looking to add to their hall-of-fame worthy resumes, while the phenomenal play of Eagles’ quarterback Nick Foles is almost making people forget that he was a backup just barely a couple of months ago.

After battling their way to this stage, both teams have proven they have an equal chance of winning the coveted Lombardi Trophy. Here are some of the reasons why each team deserve to win Superbowl 52:

Why the Pats Will Win The Superbowl

Prior to Tom Brady’s arrival in New England, the Patriots have only appeared in two SuperBowls – in XX and XXXI – and lost miserably both times. Superbowl LII will mark the 10th appearance of the Patriots as a franchise – two more than the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys – with Brady leading the way. At 40, he could be the oldest quarterback to win the Superbowl, edging out the then 39-year-old Peyton Manning with the Broncos in Superbowl 50. While Manning retired after winning the Superbowl, it seems like Brady can still go.

Spotify Says So

For at least the past three years, the number of fans getting themselves hyped up for the game have somehow predicted the winner of the Lombardi Trophy. According to Spotify, teams with the most fan-generated playlists have won the Superbowl: the Patriots in Superbowl XL and LI, and the Broncos in Superbowl 50. If the trend continues, the Patriots could be looking at their second back-to-back championship – a feat they would share with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Eli Manning Is Not On The Eagles

Tom Brady’s Superbowl record stands at 5-2. The teams responsible for Brady’s tarnished record? Eli Manning and the New York Giants in Superbowl XLII and XLVI. For all the success the Patriots have in the NFL Postseason, they couldn’t seem to beat the younger Manning. It literally took a miracle and a crucial Hail Mary play for the Giants to score both upsets, so it seems the football gods don’t favor Brady against Manning. Brady’s chances of winning are instantly higher with the lone quarterback responsible  for his Superbowl losses not playing for the Eagles.

Why the Eagles Will Win
Thriving As The Underdogs

After the Eagles lost starting quarterback Carson Wentz to a season-ending injury on December 10, it seemed as though they were bound to be a team on the wrong side of an upset. However, Coach Doug Penderson and backup quarterback Nick Foles had other plans. With the help of their defensive line, the Eagles have been able to carry over their regular season success despite being tabbed as underdogs twice in the postseason. Entering as underdogs for the third straight postseason game might actually be to their advantage.

Defense Wins Championships

It’s an old adage, but certainly still holds true. While the Eagles are only the fourth-ranked defense in the NFL this year, no team has put more pressure on the opposing team’s quarterback than the Philadelphia Eagles. Apart from miraculous plays, the Giants were able to beat the Patriots in the Superbowl by putting pressure on Brady – something that bodes well for the Eagles.

The Ice Cream Motivation

If ice cream got them here, it will be ice cream that will take them all the way.