WWE/AEW Rumors: Kenny Omega rejects WWE offer, date he could sign with AEW

All Elite Wrestling could be about to announce another big signing come February 1st. According to reports by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Kenny Omega’s future might be decided.

Kenny Omega announced previously that he would be leaving NJPW and would look to focus on his future elsewhere. Both WWE and the newly founded All Elite Wrestling were said to be looking to sign him. There were even rumours of Omega having received a huge offer from WWE, but now it appears that he won’t be heading there.

Omega’s contract with New Japan expires at the end of January, upon which he will be free to sign with any other company. According to reports by Meltzer, Omega has already turned down WWE’s offer and will be signing with WWE as soon as his NJPW deal expires.

For the official announcement, fans may have to wait until the 1st of February, but for now, it appears that AEW might be quite the force to reckon with in the future.