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A look at Andy Murray's career featuring quotes from the Scot.

Tennis News: Andy Murray

AFTER WINNING THE US OPEN BOYS' TITLE IN 2004: "I've been compared to Tim (Henman) a lot and to be compared to someone who has been in the top 10 for six or seven years is great. I think I have got a chance of going all the way in tennis and that's what I want to do."

THINKING BIG IN 2005: "I want to get into the top 10 - then maybe I can get a date with Maria Sharapova!"

ON THE BRITISH MEDIA FOCUS, SPEAKING IN OCTOBER 2005: "I have watched Tim Henman go through it in the last 10 years, and I hope they [the media] are a bit nicer to me than they were to him."

AFTER SAYING HE AND KENNETH CARLSEN ``PLAYED LIKE WOMEN'' AT AN EVENT IN AUCKLAND: "I'm not allowed to make a joke. It is a bit unfair how I'm treated. I thought it was a joke."

AFTER LOSING IN THE 2006 AUSTRALIAN OPEN FIRST ROUND: "If you guys expect me to play well every single match and every single tournament then it's not going to happen."

AFTER SUCCEEDING TIM HENMAN AS BRITISH NUMBER ONE IN FEBRUARY 2006: "If you're number one in your country it's obviously nice but it doesn't mean anything to the other players, whereas if you're in the top 10 in the world that's pretty special."

ON RECEIVING A GOOD-LUCK CALL FROM SIR SEAN CONNERY DURING WIMBLEDON 2006: "There's nothing cooler than being woken up by James Bond."


AFTER A BACKLASH TO HIS ``ANYONE BUT ENGLAND'' COMMENT: "I made a joke, I don't mind whether England win or lose!"

ON BROTHER JAMIE (speaking in 2005): "My brother is very talented. He was the number two junior in the world when he was 13, then he went down to an LTA school in Cambridge and they ruined him. It was their fault."

AFTER WINNING SAN JOSE TITLE IN 2006, HIS FIRST ON THE ATP TOUR: "It's the biggest moment in my life in tennis so far."

ON COACH BRAD GILBERT: "I listen to him most of the time. Some of the time I switch off."

AFTER SPLITTING WITH GILBERT IN NOVEMBER 2007: "I'm the sort of guy who likes a lot of people around me. Sometimes when it's just one on one with the coach, it can get quite stressful and a little bit stale."

ON HIS 'TEAM MURRAY' ENTOURAGE: "It's just much more fun travelling around the world because it can get quite lonely sometimes and to have a lot of people around you just makes you feel a little bit more at home, when you're away."

AFTER LOSING TO ROGER FEDERER IN THE 2008 US OPEN FINAL: "I'm disappointed right now. I could have done a few more things and given myself a few more opportunities."

AFTER LOSING TO FEDERER IN THE 2010 AUSTRALIAN OPEN FINAL: "I'm getting closer (to a grand slam). My results in the grand slams would show that. I've just got to keep working hard."

AFTER DEFEAT TO RAFAEL NADAL IN THE 2010 WIMBLEDON SEMI-FINAL: "I don't feel like I played terribly. I've had some good wins against Rafa where I played great tennis. But he played great, and that was the difference. There's a great player in the final."

AFTER LOSING TO NOVAK DJOKOVIC IN THE 2011 AUSTRALIAN OPEN FINAL: "He played great although I would have liked to have played better."

ON WORKING WITH NEW COACH IVAN LENDL AT THE 2012 FRENCH OPEN: "There's not been one radical change. A lot of it is minor details. But if you pick 10 small things to work on and change, that can turn into a big difference."

AFTER BEATING JO-WILFRIED TSONGA TO REACH HIS FIRST WIMBLEDON FINAL IN 2012: "It's been a great tournament so far and hopefully I can go one better. It's just a big relief. It was a very emotional end to the match - one of the biggest matches of my life."

AFTER LOSING TO FEDERER IN THE FINAL: "I`m getting closer. If I wasn't emotional I guess I'm probably in the wrong sport."

FOLLOWING AN OLYMPIC FINAL WIN OVER FEDERER: "I've had a lot of questions asked about me many times. I'm just glad I managed to put on a performance I've been waiting for. To win, in the way I did, makes those losses a little bit easier to take."

AFTER DEFEATING DJOKOVIC TO WIN THE US OPEN, HIS MAIDEN GRAND SLAM, IN 2012: "It's great to have finally done it. I hope now it inspires some kids to play tennis and also takes away the notion that British tennis players choke or don't win or it's not a good sport. I am just so relieved to finally have got through and can put this one behind me and hopefully win more."

AFTER LOSING TO DJOKOVIC IN THE 2013 AUSTRALIAN OPEN FINAL: "I know no one's ever won a slam, the immediate one after winning their first one. It's not the easiest thing to do. And I got extremely close."

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