Chatri reveals what makes a champion

Evolve Mixed Martial Arts founder Chatri Sityodtong believes the key to producing world champions lies first with the fighter's qualities as a human being.

MMA News: Rise of Kings.

By Marcus Chhan

Chatri is the man behind Evolve - one of the top training facilities in the region - which has become a key player in the exponential growth of the sport of MMA in Singapore recently.

The island state's hunger for MMA has also been elevated by the story of local boy Radeem Bin Abdul Rahman. The 25-year-old, wearing Evolve colours, caused a stir with an impressive professional MMA debut at One FC's Champion vs Champion event in September 2011 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Unfortunately, an injury forced Rahman out of One FC's Rise of Kings event on October 6th and denied the public the chance to see how the fighter has progressed in the last 12 months. However, there is hope that the Singaporean will eventually develop into a contender for world titles in the years to come.

"At Evolve, to make it onto the Evolve fight team, we are very selective and we do not just take anybody. We take people we believe we can produce into world champions," Chatri told

Rahman first joined Evolve as a student before their instructors accepted his request to turn pro under their guidance. According to Chatri, the Singaporean has certain qualities which make him a "great human being" and therefore easier for Evolve to mould into a future MMA champion.

"There are many factors [which make you eligible]," Chatri said.

"First is a high standard of excellence and humility. The second is obvious athletic ability; how athletic you are in terms of speed, power, and explosiveness. Third is mental strength, mental toughness. That's a little harder to do [judge] because you have to see that in competition.

"There's a factor of gameness. Some people maybe phenomenal athletes but they are not game. Gameness in fighting means that some people, when they get hit they want to quit, but some people when they get hit they want to fight more."

He added: "Martial Arts is actually about continuous self-improvement physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually."

"It's the best platform in my opinion to unleash the human potential."

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