Bach: Olympic charter should be example

IOC president Thomas Bach has hinted the world's political leaders could take a leaf out of a peaceful and non-discriminatory Olympic charter.

IOC president Thomas Bach

The latest Winter Games in Sochi have come under some scrutiny, not least because of Russia's 'anti-gay' propaganda laws.

Speaking just a few hours before the opening ceremony gets under way at the Fisht Olympic Stadium, Bach insists the IOC has no axe to grind and will not use any type of leverage to sway political leaders on thorny issues.

However, Bach, who once again reiterated that he has every confidence the Sochi Games will be successful, hopes the Olympic charter may be able to lead the way into creating fairer societies.

"The IOC is responsible for the Olympic charter in the Olympic Games," said the German.

"This is our mission and our mandate. You will see we have full confidence the Olympic charter will be fully applied in these Olympic Games.

"The IOC is not a super national government or super parliament which can impose any kind of measures on any government or any sovereign state.

"This is our responsibility: to have the Olympic charter fully applied in the Olympic Games.

"By having this applied, sending a message to the world and also to the political leaders the message (of) how a peaceful society of non-discrimination can work in the Olympic village and in the Olympic competitions.

"This is our responsibility. Then by sending this message we also want the political leaders and the leaders in society to think about what they could do in their responsibility to create a better society, and maybe to have such a peaceful and fair society in their countries and constituencies and their area of responsibility."

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