Lim says Osman win was for female MMA

Singapore's Sherilyn Lim hopes that her thrilling win against Malaysia's Ann Osman will inspire other female MMA hopefuls to come out and make a name for themselves.

Sherilyn Lim (top) of Singapore punches Ann Osman

On Friday at One FC's Total Domination, Lim took part in the second ever female MMA bout in the organisation's history.

In a thriller that lasted three rounds, Fight G's Lim secured the win via split decision and she proved to be more than a match for the fighting sensation from Sabah. 

"I really did not expect for this fight to last as long as it did. Osman is a tough girl and she really gave me a run for my money," she told FOX Sports briefly after the match.

"It tested my endurance, especially my ground game. I respect her alot..

It was the Singaporean fighter's debut in a major mixed martial arts competition as well as her first win at One FC.

When asked what her plans were after the victory, she quickly spoke about her hopes for growing the sport in general and improving the count of female MMA fighters within the region.

"I hope today's fight would inspire more female mixed martial artists to come out and compete," she stated. 

"I am sure they are out there. Girls who are willing to take up the challenge and get in the ring."

Lim asserted that the fight was just as much for her as it was for female MMA and she hopes that there would be more fights to look forward.

One FC's upcoming Warrior Spirit card in Kuala Lumpur next from does not feature a female match-up but Lim is certain that she will get another chance to show her skills soon.

"As for me I will keep training and keep getting better, Today's match has really taught me a lot and I am going to use it to my advantage.

"You definitely have not see the last of Sherilyn Lim," the 22-year-old concluded.  

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