Dudley: More to Fodor than Yang win

AMC Pankration coach Brandon Dudley is happy that Caros Fodor's debut in Asia went smoothly but stated the 29-year-old has more tools in his arsenal than displayed against Seung-ho "Tommy" Yang on Friday night.

Caros Fodor vs Tommy Yang

Fodor took on then-unbeaten Yang in a fight at the Istora Senayan in Jakarta's Champions & Warriors event and was largely the better fighter over three rounds. 

He attempted a single-leg takedown early on and tried out a kimura but the Phuket Top Team man gesticulated his willingness to stay in the fight to the referee, thereby avoiding an early loss. 

The South Korean repeatedly clinched Fodor and took him to the cage but that didn't stop the former Strikeforce fighter from trying out various submission moves. 

In the end, Yang held on but the judges still saw the fight in the AMC Pankration man's favour. 

"Yeah, definitely [Caros wasn't at his best]. On the ground, he's got good submissions, he's definitely got more," Dudley told FOX Sports.

"It was really an in-the-clinch fight on the fence which he's good but he's also good on the outside.  

"He's very strong at striking and he's stronger there than on the ground. 

"Everything went well. We wanted to finish but Tommy is a tough character. He has put guys away with less strikes than that.

"But other than the fact that we couldn't get a finish, it was a great fight."

Fodor was remarakably kind in his assessment of his opponent although he felt he could have finished off the fight in the first round. 

"He was tough, he was tough as hell. I hit him with some really good shots, but he was smiling at me when I was hitting him so I knew he was a gamer," Fodor commented on his way to the post-fight medical.

"I expected him to come down hard and I felt that he did but I wasn't expecting him to take that kind of damage.

"I thought my kimura was strong enough to finish him off in the first round. My coach said that it was too far away from his body and I didn't get the necessary torque and I hope to do it better the next time."

 The 29-year-old also gave a humble response when questioned over whether he felt he deserved to be on the main card in future One FC events after putting on such a dominating show. 

"Under card is fine by me, I'm done now and I get to see the fights! 

"Obviously, I want to work my way to the top. I want a chance to fight for the title but I'm happy to be done now so I can enjoy the rest of the fights."

Fodor fights in the lightweight division at One FC where Evolve MMA fighter Shinya Aoki is the reigning champion although the Japanese has yet to carry out a defence of his title.  

Image courtesy Joshua Irwandi

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