Bashir rues missed knockdown opportunity

Bashir Ahmad was full of regret after his defeat to Bruno Pucci as he felt he should have capitalised on a knockdown achieved early into the fight.

Bashir Ahmad vs Bruno Pucci

The Pakistani fighter got a good connection with a right hook that saw Pucci lose balance within the first minute. 

Unfortunately for the Pak MMA fighter, he did not close in with the necessary resolve, allowing Pucci to shield his head with his arms and then clinch him towards the cage. 

From then on, the Evolve MMA fighter gained the initiative as he managed to lift Bashir off his feet when attempting a single leg takedown.

Having jarred the 30-year-old in this manner, Pucci then swiftly jumped onto his back in order to get into the right position to carry out a rear-naked choke, winning the fight at 3:13 in the first round. 

"I know! If I had just capitalised on that [knockdown] properly then I could have done so much better," Bashir lamented when speaking to FOX Sports.

"It was just a matter of a second and if I had done something differently, I could have finished it right there.

"This is like the first time I've ever really got to focus on grappling in many years. Obviously, that's where he tried to take advantage of me as you saw.

"I had great training partners in Virginia but it's just a matter of not being able to improve enough in two months against someone who's been doing high-level grappling for ten years. 

"I trained hard and that's why I'm really disappointed. I just messed up real bad."

Pucci, 23, was happy to have registed the third win of his career and admitted that it took great resolve to maintain his calm when he fell unexpectedly onto the mat. 

"When I fell down, I had to think very fast and stay calm. I had to keep moving and try to still keep my game on," he said.

"He whacked me that time but I told myself to not give up." 

"I'm happy now, feeling great to have won. Everybody at Evolve is happy to get 3-0 tonight and now we are just going to relax before we get back to training again."

Pucci also saw team-mates Almiro Barros and Jake Butler register wins on the night and the Singapore gym has now achieved nine straight wins within One FC this year.

Image courtesy Joshua Irwandi 

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