Riders could be punished for PR absences

February 7, 2016 8:03 PM

MotoGP riders need to participate in promotional events in 2016 or face sporting penalties if they fail to so, according to the sport's Grand Prix Commission.


In a statement released by the sport's Grand Prix Commission, it was confirmed that missing media or fan activities could result in a sporting sanction.

"A number of obligations for riders to participate in promotional activities, already contained in the Participation Agreements between IRTA [International Road Racing Teams Association] and the Teams, will now also be included in the Grand Prix regulations," read a statement issued.

"Such obligations include the requirement for riders to participate in autograph signing sessions, press conferences, parade laps, etc.

"The effect is that non-compliance by riders can now result in sporting penalties in addition to the financial penalties contained in the Participation Agreements."


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