Di Resta taking Monaco in his stride

Paul Di Resta is loving the fact he can walk to work this weekend for a race he appreciates a Formula One car should not tread.

Paul Di Resta, Force India

As one of the handful of drivers currently resident in Monaco, the 26-year-old is able to stroll from his apartment to the paddock sited on one side of a harbour filled with multi-million pound yachts.

The principality of Monte-Carlo may be a tax haven for the rich and famous, but Di Resta has avoided the lure of a playboy lifestyle.

For the Scot, Monaco instead represents an idyllic place to escape after each grand prix, with a climate that allows him to train with the sun on his back for the majority of the year.

The fact for the one race in 19 - as is the case this year - he can roll out of bed and be down at the Force India garage or motorhome in a matter of minutes is an added bonus.

"It's very close, and it's nice," said Di Resta.

"The biggest highlight for me is I've not had to pack a bag. I didn't have to worry about it. I just grab my stuff out of the cupboard and go.

"It's definitely easier being here. It's good to be in your own space when you can be, but also a little strange.

"At the same time, racing around here is one of the highlights of the season."

Without a doubt the Monaco Grand Prix is arguably the most famous race of the year, certainly one of motor sport's holy triumvirate that includes Le Mans and the Indy 500.

It is widely recognised that to float the idea of a race around the narrow streets these days would be unthinkable, and that only history and tradition keep it on the calendar.

F1, however, would not be the sport it is without a visit to Monaco.

"It's different," added Di Resta.

"You can't compare it, even to the other street tracks we have these days. It's so small, so delicate.

"If ever there was a track where these cars were designed not to go around, then this is it.

"You design a car to do 18 races, and then you come here and hope it all works, that you get tuned in as best as you can.

"Obviously, I enjoy driving the track. There's nobody who can't enjoy this track.

"In terms of a race, though, would you say it's a great one? Probably it's not one of the races that has me on the edge, certainly not so far.

"I do enjoy building up to qualifying and getting the car tuned in because to do a good qualifying lap here can mean the difference between two or three grid positions.

"It's all about building confidence throughout the weekend to ensure you can do that."

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