Brawn believes Mercedes will do better

Team principal Ross Brawn believes Mercedes have finally broken through their own version of the pain barrier.

The Briton achieved a podium, just inching ahead.

With 64 points on the board after the opening four grands prix, the Brackley-based marque have made their best start to a season since returning to Formula One in 2010.

In China and Bahrain the team also scored back-to-back pole positions for the first time in their current guise, although failed to convert either into a race win.

Mercedes, however, can now boast one of the strongest driver pairings on the grid, with Lewis Hamilton alongside Nico Rosberg.

Behind the scenes, after undergoing a lengthy restructuring process with the recruitment of numerous technical personnel, Mercedes are finally reaping the benefits, according to Brawn.

"In terms of structure, Formula One is a massive engineering exercise and then it's about the sporting side, with the drivers and the team," said Brawn.

"You must always look to improve both sides without damaging what you have, which is very easy to do. It's a very delicate evolution.

"You need to make sure if you make big changes then you know where they are going to end up.

"From an engineering perspective, we know what we did 12 months ago is now coming through and giving us a reward.

"Changes were made back then which were painful at the time, and were part of the reason why we had a poor second half to last season.

"You have the pain for a while of those changes, which is what we had last year.

"We've now a very motivated group of people, and we're starting to put the things in place they need. When you do that the end result is you make progress.

"On the sporting side, we've two great drivers, and people I've worked with for a long time in the team. I know how they work, they know how I work.

"You can always look to add to it and tune it to improve, but you mustn't damage what you already have."

Brawn, however, knows Mercedes are still not the finished article this season given the race pace of their car is not on a par with that in qualifying.

"It's not down to one lap. What we have to have is a car that is fastest over 50-odd laps, and that's the challenge," said Brawn.

"It's nice to have taken pole position at the last two races, but what really counts is the race itself, and I don't believe we're there yet.

"We've two drivers who have taken the equipment and done what they have on the last two Saturdays, but I don't think we have the equipment yet to be the strongest in the race.

"That's what we are working on."

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