Hamilton hopes to sing in the rain

Lewis Hamilton is ready to revive memories of his greatest win in Formula One at what could potentially be a soggy Silverstone this weekend.

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Of Hamilton's 18 victories over the seasons, the one he cherishes the most is his 2008 British Grand Prix triumph in the wet when he finished a staggering 68.5secs clear of BMW's Nick Heidfeld.

It is a success to this day Hamilton is unable to offer an answer as to why he was so masterful around the Northamptonshire circuit when all around him were spinning off or aquaplaning into trouble.

The 27-year-old may need to find his water wings again over the course of the next three days as heavy rain is poised to drench the track, with a month's worth due over Friday and Saturday.

Silverstone officials already have a contingency plan in place to ensure fans enjoy this weekend's experience as much as possible given the difficulties they might face.

Reflecting on his moment of glory four years ago, Hamilton said: "I really don't know why we were so quick that weekend, why it all came together.

"I didn't really have any problems at all during the race, other than a moment when I went straight on at Abbey, otherwise it was quite a smooth race.

"I guess it was a combination of the tyres, good pit stops, good call strategies and maximising the grip on a track I had learned for a few years before I'd even got into Formula One. I knew where that grip was and I was able to put it into play."

Hamilton has often proven to be strong in wet conditions over the years, and if the car he has beneath him this weekend is half as good as his title-winner of 2008 there may yet be a repeat of his home grand prix heroics of that year.

Notably, Hamilton has confirmed there are a number of updates on the car which could aid his cause as he seeks to close a 23-point gap to championship leader Fernando Alonso.

"We definitely have some upgrades, so I'm really, really excited to see how they behave on the car and if they actually deliver what we think they're going to deliver," added Hamilton.

"I don't know if it's as big as what they (the team) brought at the last race, but who knows. But our car generally goes a little bit better on high-speed circuits than it does at low-speed ones, so fingers crossed it will be a little bit stronger this weekend."

Hamilton attributes his feel and touch in the wet to the number of karting races in such conditions he endured in the early part of his career.

With a smile, Hamilton added: "Us Brits should be pretty good in the wet. A lot of my success in the wet has come down to a lot of the weather we have here.

"A lot of my races up in Scotland - Larkhall, Rowrah, all over the country - all the experiences I had in karting, they've all contributed to the success I have nowadays.

"So I'm quite grateful for the changeable conditions throughout my career, but also grateful for good weather nowadays."

Alonso, however, is no stranger to wet-weather successes, and as a man in form in a Ferrari transformed from its ponderous nature at the start of the year, the Spaniard will fancy his own chances of taking the chequered flag for the third time this year.

Offering his own explanation as to his mastery of the wet, Alonso said: "It's a combination of factors, one of which for sure will be the competitiveness of your car.

"Lewis and I, in our career we've normally been lucky to drive in good cars, winning cars, so in dry or wet conditions it has been a help.

"Then I think it's the experience you have and how many wet races you have done.

"Probably for Lewis, it rained a lot when he was competing in the early categories, as it does in my region (Oviedo) in Spain.

"My first races in Formula One in the wet, 10 or 11 years ago, I made a lot of mistakes that now I try to avoid. So the more races you do, the better you feel."

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