Protests planned near Bahrain GP

Pro-democracy protesters are scheduled to launch demonstrations in the vicinity of the Bahrain International Circuit on Sunday.

Motorsport News: Bahrain Protests

It is confirmation for the first time the threat of trouble has been mentioned with regard to the race, given previous rallies have been confined to villages and townships.

A risk assessment group, however, are suggesting the dangers that could lie ahead, both at the circuit and also Bahrain University, which lies two kilometres away.

It then becomes a question of what level of protest unfolds, in particular as security will be at its tightest on race day.

Over the last few days demonstrations have increased in number, with 15 alone taking place in a number of areas across the Gulf island.

That followed a city centre protest spearheaded by the leader of the Bahrain Centre of Human Rights, Nabeel Rajab, which finally dispersed once riot police released sound bombs.

Protests are due to be ramped up over the next few days as the dissidents voice their objections to the government and Formula One.

In particular, one group known as the Coalition of the Youth of the Feb 14 Revolution have vowed 'three days of rage' over the course of this weekend.

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One senior figure of main opposition party al-Wefaq, Sayed Hadi al-Mousawi, has asserted there will be demonstrations in the Sakhir region.

"There are hundreds, or maybe thousands, who will get there and raise slogans," said al-Mousawi.

"They don't care if they are taken to jail. People have reached the point of no fear."

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