Red Bull stand firm on Prodromou

Red Bull are to hold Peter Prodromou to his current contract in a bid to keep him away from McLaren's clutches for as long as possible.


In Japan over the weekend, Red Bull head of aerodynamics Prodromou became the "headline-grabbing signing" as promised by McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh the week before in Korea.

Whitmarsh confirmed Prodromou had signed a contract to return to his team, having worked for McLaren from 1991-2006 before moving to Red Bull, but refused to further state when he would rejoin.

It is understood Prodromou has a contract with Red Bull through to the end of next year, and Red Bull principal Christian Horner is determined to hold him to it.

"Peter is a valued member of the team, and he is making a valuable contribution," said Horner.

"The content of any contract obviously is confidential, but the duration of his contract runs for quite a while yet.

"We are certainly in no rush to release him early and he will be with the team until the end of his existing agreement."

In moving to one of their main rivals in the future, it would appear prudent for Prodromou to undertake duties not related to the Formula One programme.

Horner, however, suggested that would not be the case, adding: "That is what he did with McLaren before he came to us."

At present, it appears likely McLaren and Whitmarsh will have to wait a considerable period of time before Prodromou joins.

"He has a contract and he will be working for us in the future," said Whitmarsh.

"But currently he is employed by Red Bull, we have to respect that, so that is why we are not talking about time frames or anything."

Red Bull could potentially decide to place Prodromou on gardening leave, with Whitmarsh adding: "They may do that, but that is for Red Bull to discuss. It is not in my power."

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