Button realistic over Spa hopes

Jenson Button heads to Belgium this weekend knowing he will not have the perfect weekend he enjoyed a year ago.

F1 News: Jenson Button, Malaysia Grand Prix

Starting from pole position in his McLaren, Button was in the right place to avoid the first corner chaos instigated by Romain Grosjean which accounted for Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez.

The 33-year-old eventually finished a comfortable 13 seconds clear of Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel to give him his first victory since the opening race in Australia.

While Button is able to reflect on what was one of the highlights of his career, this weekend will prove to be a very different story due to the continued lack of performance of his car.

"Spa has always been on my shortlist of favourite circuits in Formula One," said Button ahead of the start to the second half of the season following Formula One's summer break.

"I still remember my first grand prix there, back in 2000, when I out-qualified Michael Schumacher in a Ferrari - that felt pretty special.

"Then I think back to my victory last year. I had pretty much the perfect weekend - my car was fantastic, I got pole position and just led the whole race.

"It was one of the most satisfying wins of my career just because I felt strong and confident for the entire weekend.

"The thing about Spa is it just feels awesome to nail a quick lap around there.

"You need a car that's perfectly synched to the driver because it's such a long lap and there are so many big corners that you need to find that perfect balance.

"Getting the set-up right - and running flat-out for nearly two minutes - feels incredible.

"(This weekend) we don't go to Spa with the package to win, but I'll still be making the most of every single lap around this place - it'll still feel incredible."

Button's triumph was McLaren's 14th at the fabled circuit and while 15 is unlikely on Sunday, for the Woking-based marque the rest of the campaign will simply be about building towards 2014.

"The areas we're working on this car are areas that either, directly or indirectly, are relevant to our 2014 campaign," said managing director Jonathan Neale.

"Most teams by now will be switching the greater proportion of their resource, and much of the design organisation, across to next year's car.

"We're almost through August, so it's four months until the end of the year.

"There's a lot of work to be done to get ready for next year, so I think inevitably teams will start being increasingly focused on 2014."

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