Indian GP: Clueless at the Buddh!

The volunteers at the Indian GP find it increasingly difficult to help people find places at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida.

Volunteers clueless at circuit

By Shrikant Shankar at BIC

The volunteers seemed flummoxed with queries pouring in on directions in the maze of a circuit. Clearly, there are still a lot of things that need attention.

Walking around the track as a spectator could be a new and enjoyable experience. At the same time it could be a long and exhausting journey as well. Fans seated at the East Zone of the circuit found it difficult to head to the West Zone, where the F1 Village is situated.

There are shuttles which circle the track from the outside to help the fans and media personnel go from one end to the other. And the volunteers are there to guide everyone around, but many are not up to the task.

A man, who had a ticket for the main grand stand at the West Zone, was spotted walking in between North and East zones. He claimed that some of the security and volunteers had directed him there and some had told him that they did not know the directions themselves.

To get from the media centre to the F1 Village was also not as straightforward as it should have been. Ask for a bus stop and different volunteers and security point in different directions!

This is not to say that it was the same with everyone, as some were able to precisely tell how to go about the whole area.

The drivers and teams have given the thumbs up to the organisers for a much improved track compared to last year. But the infrastructure and assistance outside for fans still needs some polishing.

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