Kaltenborn calls for Concorde clarity

Sauber chief executive Monisha Kaltenborn hopes a meeting between the FIA, Formula One team bosses and Bernie Ecclestone will provide some clarity on the new Concorde Agreement.

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The Concorde Agreement governs the future of the sport and the new deal is set to run until 2020, as opposed to the usual four-year period.

Although most teams have agreed commercial terms with F1 supremo Ecclestone, there are concerns over a potential significant increase in entry fees and the FIA's role in governing the sport.

The summit in Paris on October 23 will address those concerns as well as proposals that only six F1 teams sit on a new F1 Commission, which would discuss regulation changes, and whether a Resource Restriction Agreement - to regulate costs - is brought in for 2014 after being used on a voluntary basis in 2013.

Kaltenborn attended a Formula One Teams' Association meeting at Suzuka on Sunday, to which 10 of the 12 teams were invited, Red Bull and Toro Rosso were the only two absent.

Ferrari and Sauber were invited despite not being members of FOTA, but Kaltenborn denied their presence suggests a return is imminent, and outlined the importance of the October 23 meeting.

"It was a meeting to which we as Sauber were invited and we felt it was good to go there," she said.

"I think it (the October 23 meeting) is very important because we have to understand a few developments and know where we are standing right now because there is so much being said and written.

"We as teams are the major players in all this, because we are the ones who are doing the performance and who are the basis creating, may it be a fantastic sport or may it be on the commercial side, the income. We all should really know together - with the other key stakeholders - where do we stand now."

The proposals over entry fees in particular could hit Sauber hard.

The Swiss team currently sit sixth in the Constructors' Championship with 116 points and have claimed four podium finishes courtesy of Sergio Perez and Kamui Kobayashi.

From next year there has been a suggestion teams will not just pay a one-off entry rate, but will also pay an amount for each point they have scored during the season.

But Kaltenborn would not be drawn on whether such a hike would harm her team, and insisted they have yet to receive any plans from the FIA.

"There are so many issues which are now open and outstanding and therefore it's very important to really sit down together and to know where we are exactly. Which we don't know," she said.

"They are important issues. You cannot just look at one aspect. We are here in a business and in a sport so you have to look at both. So I could not rate one more important than the other.

"We have not been presented anything by the FIA.

"I don't know who has officially been informed about it or not. I can just speak for my team and we certainly have not."

Red Bull boss Christian Horner played down the significance of his team being omitted from Sunday's meeting, saying: "I don't know what on earth they talked about in the meeting. So I couldn't comment on that.

"You've got FOTA that doesn't consist of some teams, does consist of others. I have no idea what the topic of discussion was, they obviously feel it doesn't apply to Red Bull so I can't really comment on something I don't know about."

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