Brawn: Schumi is a complete driver

Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn has hailed Michael Schumacher as "the most complete racing driver of my generation".

Formula 1 News: Michael Schumacher, Mercedes

Brawn has been an integral part of Schumacher's 19-season career, overseeing all seven of his Formula One world titles, initially as technical director at Benetton and then Ferrari.

Although the duo have been reunited for the last two and a half years at Mercedes, success has eluded them, with few highlights along the way.

At least Schumacher was back on the podium for the first time since he stepped out of retirement in Valencia in June, and then there was his fastest lap in qualifying around Monaco in May, even if it failed to yield pole due to a grid penalty.

His car's lack of reliability has undermined the 43-year-old's efforts this year, but ahead of his historic 300th grand prix this weekend in Belgium, Brawn never ceases to be amazed by the 91-time race winner.

"I've been very fortunate to be a part of Michael's racing career in Formula One," said Brawn.

"There are so many records Michael has established that will be extremely difficult for anyone to match.

"And I've been privileged to see most of his race wins which have been achieved, not just from his raw ability - which of course is exceptional - but from his attitude and approach.

"Being part of a team he's always been very committed, and enjoys being part of a team. He understands that part of it.

"That's why I think he achieves such consistently good results because he is able to motivate and incentivise the whole team to achieve those results, not just for him but for the other car as well.

"He's been - in my view - the most complete racing driver of my generation. And does he still surprise us? Of course he does.

"In Monaco he was the fastest driver in qualifying. It's a shame that because of a penalty he wasn't on the front row.

"But he's still producing exceptional performances and still a privilege to work with."

Schumacher insists his passion now is as strong as it was when he embarked in F1 21 years ago, when he made his debut at Spa.

A year later, on the same circuit, the German enjoyed his maiden victory in changeable weather conditions, and Brawn added: "Michael looks to get the most out of every situation.

"He's extremely competitive and obviously hugely talented, so it's not looking upon those situations as a problem, it's looking upon those situations as an opportunity.

"When those situations get difficult, then it's how you can get the most out of them, how you can extract a result from that, get a race win.

"Michael stated this is one of, if not his best-favoured track, and he's had some sensational results here. It is that all-round ability, and most importantly, consistency.

"You can count on the fingers of one hand the number of bad races Michael has over a season, and there's not many drivers who can say that."


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