Di Resta focused only on racing

Paul di Resta is adamant the bitter fallout with former manager Anthony Hamilton will not prove a distraction for the remainder of the season.

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It emerged after the last race in Hungary five weeks ago that Hamilton and Di Resta face a High Court battle, with the former pursuing a case for wrongful termination of contract and loss of earnings.

Di Resta sacked Hamilton as his manager just prior to the British Grand Prix in early July, with his defence papers alleging he was misled over a sponsorship deal with energy drink company Go Fast.

Although no date for the court hearing has been scheduled, it is a situation Di Resta could do without, in particular approaching a critical juncture with regard to his options for next year.

The 26-year-old Force India driver, however, appears relaxed about the situation as he said: "It's all in the hands of the lawyer.

"He has all of the information he needs to deal with it in the appropriate manner.

"He sometimes asks me some questions about it, but I had a period where I didn't speak to him for about four weeks.

"He called me up and asked me some questions yesterday [Thursday] and I gave him what he needed to know.

"It is not what I really want to go through, but you employ the right people, trust who they are and I will focus on the racing which is the bit I'm good enough to do."

At a time when Di Resta ideally needs to be exploring his options for 2013, he currently has no-one in place to represent him with regard to talks.

Again, Di Resta gives off an air of calm when discussing his lack of a manager, although it is possible he has an option with Force India for next year.

Di Resta, currently being assisted by Jenson Button's management company, The Sports Partnership run by Richard Goddard, is fully aware though the clock is ticking.

"I have been thinking a lot, so it was nice to have the time off (over the past few weeks) and see where I am in life and what I am doing," said Di Resta.

"It (a new manager) is something I need to look at in the future and when I feel it is appropriate I will do it.

"It is about direction, exploring opportunities, but it is also about dividing up your time in the right way.

"Now is a good time to be networking with people at a grand prix, and I can't do that when I'm driving.

"So you need to have somebody, even looking at your timetable to make sure you're doing the best thing you can with your time.

"There comes a point when you decide you need different people to do different things, and at the moment it is obviously a benefit to have someone looking (at driver options)."

But as to the timeframe of any appointment, Di Resta added: "That is a hard one.

"It is certainly something I'll be looking at relatively soon. I said I would give myself the August break and then I would explore it."

On track, Di Resta is hoping for a repeat of the second half of last season that helped cement his place in the team for this campaign.

Following the break a year ago Di Resta went on to score 25 of the 27 points he amassed in total in the final eight races.

Di Resta is certainly in need of a boost after failing to score in his past three races.

"The biggest point is where we were at this point last year and what we managed to achieve at the end of the year," said Di Resta.

"Whether that was a case of bringing upgrades or the car suiting the tracks better. In this case I'm certainly hoping the car will suit the tracks better.

"We should go into the end of the season positive because we had a good end to the season last year and a good understanding of the tracks."

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