Di Resta seeks home comforts in Monaco

Monaco resident Paul di Resta is hopeful of driving "the perfect car" around the place he calls home these days.

Formula 1 News: Paul di Resta, Force India

Di Resta has endured a mixed start to the season, finishing in the points in three of the five grands prix to date in a Force India the team had hoped would propel them forward from last year.

But after claiming sixth in the constructors' championship, the team's highest finish, Vijay Mallya's Silverstone-based marque find themselves struggling to make an impact this term.

Around the streets of Monte Carlo this weekend, where Di Resta often pounds out the miles on his bike in training, the Scot is at least grateful to be living just around the corner.

"The Monaco Grand Prix is probably the highlight of the year and the race every driver wants to win," said the 26-year-old.

"It's always a really busy weekend. The grandstands are packed, the yachts are in the harbour and everybody is looking for the best view.

"When the weather is nice it really helps make for an electric atmosphere.

"It's where I live now and it's interesting to see how much busier Monaco gets when the race comes to town.

"But it's really nice to go home each night, sleep in your own bed and enjoy your own space.

"Also, I will have a lot of family and friends around me who come down to watch the race."

No matter the support behind the scenes over the next few days, it is on the track where Di Resta knows it all counts.

Force India's planned progress with their car in the Spanish Grand Prix 10 days ago failed to materialise as the upgrades did not work out as planned.

That has added to the pressure on the team to give Di Resta and Nico Hulkenberg a car that can challenge.

However, Monaco is one of those circuits where a driver can make a difference, as Di Resta acknowledges.

"It's a circuit that's all about confidence and commitment, and you need to build up your speed through the weekend to extract the maximum lap time," added Di Resta.

"There are some great corners, such as Casino Square where you arrive at 185mph and brake as you turn into a blind corner.

"Then there's the slowest corner of the year, the hairpin, taken in first gear using maximum steering lock.

"For the end of the lap through the swimming pool you really feel the downforce and you need a car that can ride the bumps and kerbs.

"It's a real challenge for drivers and engineers to get the perfect car."

fter just five races of the current campaign Di Resta is again attracting attention from elsewhere as the Scot has been linked with a move to either Ferrari or Mercedes.

In fairness, a number of names are in the frame for a seat many expect will become vacant sooner rather than later following Felipe Massa's woeful performances this season in comparison to team-mate Fernando Alonso.

However, bearing in mind Ferrari's history and heritage, it is a compliment to Di Resta he is among those being speculated upon.

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As for Mercedes, that is no surprise given his past links to the German manufacturing giant, becoming DTM (German touring car) champion in one of their cars in 2010.

All this in a season in which Di Resta's Force India has so far failed to flatter, with the 26-year-old producing mixed albeit credible results, notably in Bahrain where he was sixth.

Di Resta said: "There's been good press, which is nice to hear and nice to see that people are watching and their eyes are open.

"It's no secret that I want to be in a car that is winning races and winning world championships.

"But the task at the moment is with Force India. That's who I have a contract with, and that's where my driving duties are committed to at present."

Di Resta feels he can do no more to make that step up, believing he is giving his all, which remains the simple goal for the rest of the season.

"A podium would certainly make me happy, and that's the way I look at it," said Di Resta.

"I'm just trying to do my own performance, do my own driving.

"I'm not going to make decisions for anybody. Equally, above me in this team or any other team, it's for those people to make their mind up.

"I just have to try and open their eyes by making sure I do a good job, irrespective of what I'm doing in Formula One and trying to achieve.

"I know I can't work any harder. We're only on race six, and there's a lot of work to be done within this team.

"So I'm concentrating on my job to maximise what I can achieve."


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