Johnson: We can improve Williams

Former Olympic champion Michael Johnson is "extremely confident" his work with Williams can make the difference this season.

Motorsport News: Michael Johnson

Williams have brought in Michael Johnson Performance Inc to help their crew shave vital time off their pit stops.

And while the move could be viewed as a clever marketing policy, Johnson insists that his company can have an immediate impact

"I feel extremely confident in myself and my staff in terms of what we have put together in training methodology and biomechanical efficiency," Johnson, a four-time winner of Olympic gold, told The Guardian.

"I don't think anybody knows it better than us.

"There is a tremendous amount of biomechanical movement going on in the pit stops so it stands to reason we can make that quicker.

"The amount of steps that it is going to take for the guy that has got that tyre and has got to put it on - it makes all the difference in the world which is his lead leg to how many steps he is going to take.

"And the guy with the gun - it jumped out at me immediately that you can do it two different ways. You can take it off the wheel and bring it straight back into your chest or you can take it off and point it upwards to get it out of the way.

"What has never been done is to evaluate the guy from a sensory stand-point to see how accurate can he be."

As for the crew from Williams, Ben Howard, the man who works on the left front wheel, said: "I think everybody was excited, but possibly a little bit apprehensive as well.

"Michael is well known and trains top-level sports people but we're not professional athletes so there was some nervousness as to what he might make us do.

"To be honest not everyone goes to the gym to train because we use our own activities and hobbies outside of work to keep fit. It's been good, though, really interesting, and obviously a privilege to be working with someone of his calibre."

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