Hodgson: St George's won't guarantee success

Roy Hodgson does not think the opening of the new National Football Centre will automatically lead England to World Cup glory in the future but is confident the work that will be done at Burton can improve their chances.

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The aim of the £105 million St George's Park project, which was officially opened by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on Tuesday, is to produce higher quality coaches and players to herald England as a larger force in world football.

France and Spain have invested in a similar nature at their respective bases in Clairefontaine and Madrid, which was key to their recent World Cup and European Championship triumphs.

Hodgson, though, was non-committal when asked if England could have emerged successful from a major tournament had a base been built sooner.

"There's no way of knowing how much better one could have done with or without the facility. The fact it's overdue is because the Football Association have invested a similar amount of money in Wembley," he told Sky Sports News.

"I haven't been party to what's gone on there but I know that today, not only do we have a great national stadium we have a great national training centre.

"I don't know if we could have done better. Facilities in themselves don't make you a better football team.

"What makes you a better football team is the work that you do within that facility so here we have the chance.

"Players will be really happy to come here and work here.

"I think we have to forget the past, we can't win a World Cup yesterday.

"We would like to have done it since 1966 but we haven't done so, so I think the sooner we start looking forward where we can, I'm rather hoping that the work that will go on here and the amount of effort we'll put in here to help produce better players and coaches will lead us one day to that World Cup victory."

England women's coach Hope Powell has welcomed the opening and believes they will be able to concentrate more on football and less on travel.

She also thinks the state-of-the-art facilities will reassure football clubs that their players are being treated well.

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"I think for me, the biggest factor is that everything's on site: the quality of the pitches, the accessibility to the rehab centre," she said.

"Historically we have always been at a hotel to have to travel to a training pitch. It saves you about two hours a day so it means you can get some top quality work done.

"You save a lot of time, the facilities are second to none, the players are constantly looked after and that builds a really positive relationship with the clubs.

"I think equally when you've got everybody on site on more than one team, you get to see other people work. It's inspirational for both players and coaches."

Hodgson agreed with Powell and added: "To some extent when you're in a hotel and you're borrowing some club's training ground you don't feel quite as much at home as when you come here.

"This is St George's Park, this belongs to the FA, this has been purpose-built by the English FA to better facilities for its national teams."

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