Cambiasso: Inter must improve next year

Inter Milan's Esteban Cambiasso has stated that the team cannot afford to repeat this season's disappointing showing in Serie A.

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Inter Milan finished in sixth position in Serie A this season and will not take part in the Champions League next year. Such a standing is unacceptable for a club of the Nerazzurri's stature and Cambiasso has called on his team-mates to reflect on what they have done wrong, so as to prevent a repeat showing

"We didn't end the season the way we wanted but it's over now and I think given the way it went that's a good thing, we have to make sure we learn from our mistakes," he said to the club's official website.

"We have to make sure this bad season is just an island in the middle of an ocean of success. A club like Inter can afford to have one bad season, but not more than one."

While many were quick to point fingers at former manager Claudio Ranieri for the team's poor league performance, Cambiasso is aware that the playing staff must shoulder some responsibility.

"We're fully aware of the mistakes we've made. The main thing is that we understand them and accept that it didn't come about by chance: we all know that if our season went the way it did it's because we didn't fulfil our potential." he stated.

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